Discover The Artist In Kids

Evening Art Classes

Pablo Picasso quoted, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain as an artist once he grows up”.

Art is the universal form of communication. It is considered an overall tool for development of a child. Art is a process, A process of creating, exploring discovering and experimenting. While drawing and painting when a kid spills the color all over his or her hands, it makes us noticeable that how much the kid is enjoying his or herself. Art occurs as a catalyst in the development of a growing kid. Art is important for kids. Not only have to become a good painter or instructor but also it helped in developing brain capacity at an early age. Art introduces a kid to new tools and materials and teaches them every possible way to use them. Self-expression and creativity help in developing a kid’s natural creativity automatically.

Some of them include-

1. Physical development- when a kid starts drawing or starts creating designs; it enhances the muscles and is taken as a kind of physical exercise, which the kid will love too. In addition, art is more interesting than the usual exercises done on the ground.

2. Emotional & Self-expression development- Drawing helps in strengthening emotional development. When a kid draws different characters, indirectly he or she is showing his or her emotions through the picture. Moreover, they can create characters through their emotions. This way art helps a kid in expressing himself or herself and helps to cope up with natural stress of growing up. They discover their sense of individuality, self- respect and appreciation for others ‘work.

3. Cognitive & Imaginative Development- When a kid learns drawing and starts creating different characters, designs, he will automatically feel the urge to fill them with colors. This will enhance their mind and the kid will be able to decide which color to fill in and sometimes when two or colors will be mixed and will result in a new color, it will not only makes the kid happy but will also improve his or her skills. The kid will understand the cause and effect, and will learn from their experience of mixing colors and making choices. Resulting in improving the kid’s imagination also.

Moreover, parents can also contribute in improving their kid’s creativity.

1. Provide children with different shapes and ask them to draw them on paper by themselves.

2. Ask about their ideas, what their kid likes most about drawing and painting classes. What does he or she want to draw?

3. Take them on a journey. During the journey, when you come across some beautiful sceneries of nature, parents can ask their kid to draw it in his or her drawing book. No matter it becomes perfect or not. This will help in improving their memory and will make the child creative.

4. Appreciate the kid’s creativity even if it is not that good or up to the mark. Encouraging will increase their self-confidence.


What To Look For In A Visual Arts Teacher?

Art is something that moves one, inspires, uplifts and gets one’s creative juices flowing. Selecting an art teacher to develop one’s passion is like a dance in a darkened room. So, the visual arts teacher you choose should have the passion for art. Needless to say, without passion, the lessons can be dull. Pick the teacher who shines through by energizing and enlightening your learning. Nevertheless, not everyone can be a good communicator. Select the tutor who is capable of getting their practice knowledge from their minds and body into the fascinated students.

Visual Arts Teacher

A good teacher has the practical ability to demonstrate techniques. Well, knowing how to perform certain techniques related to arts would not serve the purpose and you would not get the most from your lessons if a practical demonstration is not as vivid. Moreover, an incessant quality of a good teacher is to inspire and encourage comments and even if the students refuse to see their own hidden talent. When it involves creative work, criticism can be tough. A good teacher would comment on the work that the students perform, but what differentiates them from the bad one is the fact that they give feedback and suggestions instead of just a judgment.

Chinese Watercolour Painting

If you are bored of the regular watercolour painting, then you must try the Chinese watercolour painting. It is a very interesting technique. Authentic Chinese watercolours are made of vegetable and mineral pigments and that is what makes it unique. It can have a binder that could be of animal origin which helps the paint fix to the rice paper that is used for Chinese watercolour painting. These colours are used just like regular watercolours, you can use them by adding some water and applying using brush. The brush, however, is not the regular brush, but the brush used for Chinese watercolour painting is a little different. The tone of these colours will be subtle and luminous and look beautiful on the rice paper and gives an altogether new look to the painting.

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Many drawing classes in Melbourne teach this Chinese watercolour painting too. There are some techniques like holding the brush and the strokes used for the Chinese watercolour painting that can differ a little bit from the regular method. If you come to know the basics. It becomes very easy to do the Chinese watercolour painting.

It is an experience in itself, and totally gives a kick when you discover its technique and the beauty of the art. It is very easy to do and you can finish an art even in ten minutes if you learn the technique well.

Taking Care of Paint Brush

Many of you would have joined the art classes late in life. It is a good decision; it soothes and relaxes the mind to indulge in painting after a hectic day. There are several adult art classes available for people who start art classes late in life. When you start to paint, you will enjoy the way you discover your ability and creativity. You will have a lot of fun creating beautiful pieces of art and learning new techniques each day. The most important tool for painting is the brush. Often people do not pay much attention to cleaning the paint brushes well. This can lead to hardening of the paint on the brush and then it becomes difficult to remove the hardened paint from the brush. In the process the bristles will be ruined and the bristles will start falling off soon and the life of the brush is cut short because of this.

Photography Classes MelbourneHence care has to be taken to clean the brush as soon as you stop the work. Brushes are very expensive, and if the brushes are not cleaned, you will be spending more money on brushes. An easy way to clean a brush having hardened paint is to dip the paint brush in nail polish remover. This will loosen up the hardened paint and remove it totally. Do not add water to nail polish remover as it can release fumes that can be harmful. Enroll yourself in adult art classes where you learn various painting techniques or how to use all painting tools.

Common Types of Mixed Media Art

Mixed media art uses more than one or two forms of medium to create a piece of art. In the mixed media art classes initially they teach some common techniques and later on students can use these techniques to experiment and develop more complicated techniques. Collage is one of the most common forms of mixed media techniques that even children use. It basically involves attaching paper or fabric mediums on a base made of canvas, wood, paper, etc. Wet and dry media is another mixed media art form. This involves a combination of painting and drawing. Using oil paint on a charcoal drawing can give the drawing a totally new and unexpected look. Resist technique is another wet and dry form, where watercolours and oil colours are used to create a unique new look.

       Mixed Media Art ClassesMixed Media Art Classes

Assemblage is similar to collage but the only difference is that the base to which the objects are attached can be anything that the artist wants. Sculpture is also a part of mixed media art classes as along with the main medium different other materials like wood, glass, wire, etc can be added to enhance the look of the sculpture.

Mixed media is a wonderful art technique which can give surprising and fun results each time different mediums are mixed.

Important Drawing Lesson For The Beginners

ImageThere is a need to follow some art drawing lessons because in the beginning when learn to paint or draw, your main focus should generally remain in controlling the medium that you are using. Let us understand the things that an individual involved in drawing or paining or any kind art should know:

It is believed that art drawing lessons are intended to assist you start to hear the music. If we elaborate, these are the amalgamation of bearing in mind, drawing and painting lessons that cannot be taught in any workshop or beginner art classes. It is you as an artist has to learn by your own. If you really want to progress beyond your initial stage of learning art, you have to learn the basic and essential things about drawing lessons. It will help you to progress faster and provide you with much happier results when you consider the three S’s as an important part of your life. These are:

1. See

2. Smplify

3. Structure

Learning these there S’s is very easy through some good or experienced trainer who can really tell the hidden meaning about them. These words seems to be simple, but the actual meaning they possess required great understanding which comes with correct approach and dedication of learning something in life. Although there are many institutes that claim that their products are real artist. It might be true, but always judge the things before believing them and coming onto any conclusion. Joining one such class or course will make you learn a lot.