Discover The Artist In Kids

Evening Art Classes

Pablo Picasso quoted, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain as an artist once he grows up”.

Art is the universal form of communication. It is considered an overall tool for development of a child. Art is a process, A process of creating, exploring discovering and experimenting. While drawing and painting when a kid spills the color all over his or her hands, it makes us noticeable that how much the kid is enjoying his or herself. Art occurs as a catalyst in the development of a growing kid. Art is important for kids. Not only have to become a good painter or instructor but also it helped in developing brain capacity at an early age. Art introduces a kid to new tools and materials and teaches them every possible way to use them. Self-expression and creativity help in developing a kid’s natural creativity automatically.

Some of them include-

1. Physical development- when a kid starts drawing or starts creating designs; it enhances the muscles and is taken as a kind of physical exercise, which the kid will love too. In addition, art is more interesting than the usual exercises done on the ground.

2. Emotional & Self-expression development- Drawing helps in strengthening emotional development. When a kid draws different characters, indirectly he or she is showing his or her emotions through the picture. Moreover, they can create characters through their emotions. This way art helps a kid in expressing himself or herself and helps to cope up with natural stress of growing up. They discover their sense of individuality, self- respect and appreciation for others ‘work.

3. Cognitive & Imaginative Development- When a kid learns drawing and starts creating different characters, designs, he will automatically feel the urge to fill them with colors. This will enhance their mind and the kid will be able to decide which color to fill in and sometimes when two or colors will be mixed and will result in a new color, it will not only makes the kid happy but will also improve his or her skills. The kid will understand the cause and effect, and will learn from their experience of mixing colors and making choices. Resulting in improving the kid’s imagination also.

Moreover, parents can also contribute in improving their kid’s creativity.

1. Provide children with different shapes and ask them to draw them on paper by themselves.

2. Ask about their ideas, what their kid likes most about drawing and painting classes. What does he or she want to draw?

3. Take them on a journey. During the journey, when you come across some beautiful sceneries of nature, parents can ask their kid to draw it in his or her drawing book. No matter it becomes perfect or not. This will help in improving their memory and will make the child creative.

4. Appreciate the kid’s creativity even if it is not that good or up to the mark. Encouraging will increase their self-confidence.


Why Melbourne art classes Important for kids?

Art Programs for Teenagers

If your kid is creative and love to create something new, then you must encourage his creativity. A very few people are blessed with creative mind and thoughts. If your kid has such a characteristic, you must support him in improving his creative skills. There are so many art institutes that can help you in this respect. They organize different art lessons for kids and help them learn so many creative things.

In Melbourne art classes, your kid will learn so many creative things that he might not learn in his school. These include:

  • How to Cut a Spiral
  • How to Draw a Perspective Landscape
  • How to Draw & Paint Ferry Boats
  • Picasso Artist Bundle
  • How to Draw a Robot
  • How to Draw & Paint Garden Flowers
  • How to Paint without Paint

These are just a few examples of art lessons that one can easily learn on being a part of art classes. There are many such art institute that are known for offering different art courses depending upon the age group and caliber of the kids. They charge reasonable for different courses. They even organize corporate workshops and make employees learn so many things that can prove beneficial in their work.