Chinese Watercolour Painting

If you are bored of the regular watercolour painting, then you must try the Chinese watercolour painting. It is a very interesting technique. Authentic Chinese watercolours are made of vegetable and mineral pigments and that is what makes it unique. It can have a binder that could be of animal origin which helps the paint fix to the rice paper that is used for Chinese watercolour painting. These colours are used just like regular watercolours, you can use them by adding some water and applying using brush. The brush, however, is not the regular brush, but the brush used for Chinese watercolour painting is a little different. The tone of these colours will be subtle and luminous and look beautiful on the rice paper and gives an altogether new look to the painting.

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Many drawing classes in Melbourne teach this Chinese watercolour painting too. There are some techniques like holding the brush and the strokes used for the Chinese watercolour painting that can differ a little bit from the regular method. If you come to know the basics. It becomes very easy to do the Chinese watercolour painting.

It is an experience in itself, and totally gives a kick when you discover its technique and the beauty of the art. It is very easy to do and you can finish an art even in ten minutes if you learn the technique well.