Common Types of Mixed Media Art

Mixed media art uses more than one or two forms of medium to create a piece of art. In the mixed media art classes initially they teach some common techniques and later on students can use these techniques to experiment and develop more complicated techniques. Collage is one of the most common forms of mixed media techniques that even children use. It basically involves attaching paper or fabric mediums on a base made of canvas, wood, paper, etc. Wet and dry media is another mixed media art form. This involves a combination of painting and drawing. Using oil paint on a charcoal drawing can give the drawing a totally new and unexpected look. Resist technique is another wet and dry form, where watercolours and oil colours are used to create a unique new look.

       Mixed Media Art ClassesMixed Media Art Classes

Assemblage is similar to collage but the only difference is that the base to which the objects are attached can be anything that the artist wants. Sculpture is also a part of mixed media art classes as along with the main medium different other materials like wood, glass, wire, etc can be added to enhance the look of the sculpture.

Mixed media is a wonderful art technique which can give surprising and fun results each time different mediums are mixed.