Experimentation with Mixed Media

croppedimage140160-DSC0244Mixed Media art has an endless number of options that one can use to get innumerable number of effects and textures. One can keep learning newer and newer techniques at mixed media art classes. There are infinite number of ways one can use the media to get different effects. Mixed media means using more than one media to get a certain effect. The technique of different ways of applying paint is just a small part of the mixed media art to get the desired effect. What are the ways in which a person can use the paints on the canvas to get a certain effect? Dipping the paper into the paint or splashing the paint across the paper can give very interesting effects. Fluid painting is another method where one mixes more than two or three colours to get unpredictable combinations and designs.  Letting a single coloured liquid paint or a combination of liquid paints to drip across the paper using gravity as the tool and alter the flow of drips can give wonderful results.
croppedimage140160-DSC0247One can paint on the canvas by dipping their hands or feet in paint which gives a different texture with the hand and feet prints. Smearing paint with a rag is another commonly used technique. Using sprayers, sponges, knives, rollers, mops, etc results in varied textures. Sprinkling watercolours with salt or alcohol gives very mesmerizing effects. Using thread to flick of paint or using food wraps to press against wet paint gives beautiful results.
croppedimage140160-DSC0252There are infinite number of techniques that can be used which will result in amazing textures and effects but one has to be innovative enough to keep experimenting!