Join Sculpture Classes Melbourne


Sculpting is a form of fine art in which any given solid material is converted into a desired shape. Sculpture is a 3-D form of art and requires a lot of knowledge regarding art and also effort. What do they teach in sculpture classes? A student has to have a very good artistic vision to bring something to life in a 3-D art form. First they will be taught to put their ideas on paper, as drawing is a basic necessity for any kind of art. Once the student is able to get the idea for sculpture on the paper then they have to decide on the size of the sculpture, how big the size should be and some classes even make a scale model using clay to get the appropriate idea about how to get it to the bigger size. Sculpture can be done using various materials like wood, stone, metal, clay, plaster, etc. Each material has a different technique of working on. A student can specialize in any of the form that they find interesting.

The students will be taught how to manipulate the material and also will be taught about using the tools safely for sculpting. Sculpture classes Melbourne also involves discussion where several sculptures by famous artists are discussed and analyzed and reviewed to gain good knowledge on the subject.

These classes must have very good teachers to teach sculpting and each student is given individual attention.